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lemon lab Philosophy

'Why lemons? 

to be fair, lemons kinda get a bad rep for no good reason. we associate them with bad cars, or bad gifts from life. we are always trying to change them into lemonade,  but why? Lemons are amazing just the way they are, thank you....

cleansing, fRESH,  incredible  flavor, detoxifying, the color of happiness. what's not to love? to us, the lemon is a symbol to love yourself for being the badass you already are.


LEMONS ARE perfect without being diluted , as are we.

now don't get us wrong , we like lemonade just fine, but we encourage everyone to appreciate their OWN unique qualities first. THE TRAITS THAT MAKE YOU SPECIAL. Come relax and get pampered in our private modern luxe studio where its all about you!

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